WDC Report on a Case of Cheating

Dear WCA Community,

The Disciplinary Committee has concluded an investigation on a case of cheating by a well-known competitor in multiple events spanning several competitions in 2022 and 2023. As a result, they have been banned for 2-years and 6-months from competing, ending on June 24th, 2026.

The WDC allowed the competitor to submit footage for review. Any result that the WDC could not determine as valid has been disqualified. As specified in Regulation 9t, if there was any change where the competitor would not have advanced to the next round, all results of the competitor for those subsequent rounds were removed.

Since this competitor is well-known in the community and is still a record holder, the WDC decided to make the report for this investigation public. The intention is to explain the reasons behind our decision and provide insight on how the Committee works.

The WDC has elected to fully anonymize this report and the video evidence due to the age of the accused competitor. The WDC strongly discourages the community from publicizing the name of the accused competitor for this reason. The full report can be found here.

Best regards,
Shain Longbehn (WDC Leader)
On behalf of the WCA Disciplinary Committee

Source:: worldcubeassociation