Call for Applicants – WAC Community and Staff Representatives (January 2022)

The WCA Advisory Council (WAC) is seeking new members from both the community and staff to assist the council in its duties.

The application is open to all WCA members.

What is the WAC and what do they do?

The biggest task of the WAC is to be an intermediary between the community and the WCA Staff – to give the community a voice when important topics are being discussed, along with establishing consistent and bilateral communication lines between the community and the WCA Staff. The Community Representatives, along with Staff Representatives are a vital part of that process. More information about the main functions of the WAC can be found here: WCA Motion 20.2021.01.

The council has 2 sub-teams – Community Representatives and WCA Representatives. This announcement is for both Community and Staff representatives, which means that anyone in the community, including WCA Staff, is able to apply for this position. If you have never held a formal position in the WCA before, this an exciting opportunity to contribute towards making the WCA even better!

Current key projects of the council involve moderation and management of the WCA Forum and developing different channels to gather community feedback useful for the WCA.

The qualities expected of candidates are:

  • Communication: Internal communication is done in English, so an intermediate standard of English is required.
  • Work Ethic: Members will be expected to contribute regularly and not ignore messages for many days. The expected time commitment is 2-3 hours per week on tasks for the council.
  • Innovation: There will be significant time spent discussing our methods of working and doing a lot of idea gathering of topics to focus on. If you think that the WCA is currently perfect then you probably aren’t the person for this!
  • Interest: An enjoyment to discuss WCA matters among the community is ideal.
  • Maturity: Online discussions will need to be thought-provoking and productive. When providing community feedback you’ll be representing the community and not your own views.
  • Specializations: The goal of the team is to cover a wide spectrum of the community and therefore members can partly focus on certain areas that they are knowledgeable and passionate about. This could be a geographical area, or any sort of “category” of cuber (e.g. elite/slower cubers, younger/older cubers).

Having prior experience and familiarity managing online communities along with long term engagement with the speedcubing community is a plus for both subteams!

The application period is open for candidates to submit their candidacy document from now until February 14, 2022, 23:59 UTC to Zachary Miller (

The candidacy documents must be submitted in PDF format, and should include the following:

  • Your Name
  • A brief personal summary
  • A summary of involvement in the WCA
  • An explanation of how you fit the qualities required
  • Aspirations as a member of the WCA Advisory Council

Thank you in advance for your candidacies and support!

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WCT Leader Announcement (January 2022)

We are happy to announce that we have a new Team Leader. Rui Reis will become the new Leader of the WCA Communication Team (WCT). Rui was already working as a Senior Member of the WCT.

Rui was selected by the WCA Board, following Section 4 of our Motion about WCA Committees and Teams.

We thank Lauren Clement for the work she has done for the WCT as the Leader, and wish Rui the best of luck in fulfilling his new duties.

The Board also received an application from the following applicant:

  • Chandler Scheurkogel

We thank Chandler for applying and both applications can be found here.

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Year End Message 2021

Dear WCA Community,

Here at the end of 2021, we once again find ourselves reflecting on a challenging year for cubers everywhere. Despite the circumstances, there were many accomplishments within the WCA that are reason to celebrate and look forward to the year ahead.

Many more areas were able to begin holding competitions again using the Competition Announcement Rules at first and later meeting new safety measures outlined in the Competition Safety Policy. These competitions filled their registration limits in record time, the quickest one filling in just 44 seconds, so we can tell that the demand is high for competitions to return to many areas. Over the year, 242 competitions were held in 49 different countries, with the number of competitions held each month increasing significantly. With so much time to practice at home, we also saw many records broken again at all levels. Congratulations to the amazing cubers who were able to break 584 National Records, 69 Continental Records, and 21 World Records in 2021!

Although much of their work is behind the scenes, we cannot overlook the accomplishments of our Committees and Teams, who work hard to continually improve the WCA even if competitions are not as active. In our efforts to continually improve the competition experience, the Competition Requirements Policy, Scramble Accountability Policy, Regulations, and list of approved timers were introduced and modified by the Board, WCA Quality Assurance Committee, and WCA Regulations Committee. These policies help set important standards for our competitions and have already been applied to competitions without issue. The WCA Competition Announcement Team approved new competition announcements in an average of 63.9 hours which is a great accomplishment considering the new policies that required Senior Delegates to review and approve all competitions due to the Safety measures put in place. Once the competitions were complete, the WCA Results Team posted results in about 12.8 hours on average, which takes quite a bit of effort. We also want to acknowledge the great efforts of the WCA Disciplinary Committee, WCA Ethics Committee, and WCA Financial Committee that do much of their work without public appearance but are crucial to keep the WCA accountable and functional.

Hopefully you saw the efforts of the WCA Communication Team on social media where there were 70 posts, many of which were organizational announcements originally drafted by the WCA Executive Assistants Team, who also sent out monthly internal digests to keep WCA Staff informed of happenings around the organization. With four new Senior Delegates, five new Committee/Team Leaders, 25 new Trainee Delegates, six new Junior Delegates and 11 Delegate promotions, there was a lot to keep track of! On the Forum, the WCA Advisory Council oversaw over 2,700 posts (and over 300 new topics) and posted periodic digests of the most popular conversations. The WCA Software Team worked hard on a new release of TNoodle 1.1.0 (and further updates to the current version 1.1.2) which introduced many crucial fixes and functions to the scrambling program. One of the most exciting achievements of the year was the launch of expanded WCA Merchandise by the WCA Marketing Team that can be enjoyed by cubers around the world. Since launch, there have been over 240 items sold and over 4,000 website views!

As always, we are carefully preparing for the year ahead which will hold the 2022 Continental Championships, where it is safe to do so. We are hopeful that these competitions will be successful, especially with the sponsorship by Rubik’s for all of the events. Although we were saddened about the cancellation of the World Championship 2021, we look forward to the organization of the World Championship 2023 in Seoul, Republic of Korea throughout 2022. Rest assured, these events will be planned with the safety of our community in mind and know that bringing cubers together again will happen when the time is right for everyone.

As always, we would not have had a successful year without the efforts of our volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to the community everyday. We hope the new year brings moments of celebration to all and we look forward to meeting together again in 2022! Have a safe and happy New Year!

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WCA Regulations — January 2022

Dear WCA Community,

The WRC would like to inform you about the versions of the WCA Regulations and Guidelines, which are going into effect January 1, 2022.

You can review all changes in this comparison on GitHub. You can click on “Files changed” to see the complete files of the Regulation and Guidelines, where all changes and additions are marked green and removals are red.

Here is a summary of the changes in the new version of the Regulations and the Guidelines:

  • Approving Speed Stacks Stackmat timer Generation 5. (commit | discussion)
  • Clarification on how disqualifications affect results. (commit | discussion)
  • Clarification on late competitors to rounds with cumulative time limits. (commit | commit | discussion)
  • Clarification on Clock hardware, which is approved at WCA Delegate discretion. (commit | commit | discussion)
  • Puzzles are allowed to have transparent parts as long as they do not provide additional information. (commit | discussion)
  • Strongly recommend competitors to turn off notifications and calls. (commit | discussion)

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