Call for Applicants – WFC Members (November 2023)

The WCA Financial Committee (WFC) is looking for new members to assist in managing the finances of the WCA and associated programs. The opportunity to apply is open to all; it is not a requirement to currently hold a position in the WCA to be considered for membership.

What does the WFC do?

  • Conduct regular bookkeeping, tracking all payments and receipts along with appropriate documentation
  • Manage the WCA Dues system, including calculation, invoicing, and policy development
  • Manage the WCA’s annual budget by forecasting revenues and expenses
  • Create public and internal reports on the finances of the WCA and funding programs
  • Complete tax and other regulatory compliance forms on behalf of the WCA, and/or liaise with external financial professionals to do so
  • Manage and develop policies for WCA funding programs, including Travel Funding and Equipment Funding
  • Other financial tasks requested by the WCA Board or in accordance with the WCA Motions

For more information about the responsibilities of the WFC, please refer to WCA Motion 10.2021.6 – Financial Committee and WCA Motion 11.2023.1 – Finances. The annual WCA Financial Reports, available on the WCA Documents page under „Finances“, also provide useful background on the committee’s operations.

While the many responsibilities of the WFC are diverse enough that no single list of required skills can cover all potential applicants, the following basic abilities are necessary:

  • Ability to communicate clearly in written English
  • Ability to commit approximately 5 hours per week on average to committee work
  • Ability to consistently review and respond to committee emails/messages within 24-48 hours

If you have interest in one or more of the following areas of responsibility, please indicate so in your application documents. However, please note that interest in any specific area is not necessarily required for your application to be considered:

  • WCA Dues system
  • WCA Equipment Funding program
  • WCA Travel Funding program
  • Managing relationships with WCA-acknowledged Regional Organizations
  • Budgeting and monitoring WCA spending in accordance with budgeted amounts
  • Creating reports on the finances of the WCA and funding programs

Depending on what area(s) of responsibility you might be interested in, some or all of the following attributes may strengthen your application. In your application documents, please highlight any that you have, and connect them to your motivation for joining the WFC and any area(s) of responsibility that you are interested in:

  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Strong math/data analysis skills
  • Experience with spreadsheets and Google G Suite
  • Experience in finances, taxes and/or accounting
  • Experience in applying for grants and/or administering grant programs
  • Knowledge of non-profit and/or corporate policy development
  • Knowledge of non-profit and/or corporate finance
  • Knowledge of United States tax laws and Internal Revenue Service regulations

To apply, please assemble the following document(s):

  • [REQUIRED] A cover letter including a personal introduction, a description of your involvement in the cubing community/WCA up to this point, and your motivation for joining the WFC
  • [RECOMMENDED] Your professional resume
  • [RECOMMENDED] A one-page proposal for a new WCA funding program, including cost estimates and a description of the program’s benefits

To submit your application, please email your application document(s) to the WCA Treasurer/WFC Leader, Raymond Goslow ( by Wednesday, December 20, 2023 at 23:59 UTC. You will receive a prompt response confirming receipt of your application, and your application will be reviewed by the WFC Leader and Senior Member. You may receive a request for a virtual interview as part of the application process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out first before submitting your application. Thank you for your interest in joining the WFC, and we look forward to receiving your applications!

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