Call for Applicants – WCA Results Team (WRT) Members (August 2022)

The WCA Results Team (WRT) is looking for devoted and trustworthy team members!

Do you like numbers? Are you the type of person quickly spotting typos or inconsistencies in restaurant menus that others miss? Does it drive you crazy when data lacks precision? If yes, then you might be a very good fit for the WRT!

The qualities that you should bring to become a WRT member include:

  • You are very responsive and willing to work on WRT tasks regularly.
  • You have a good sense of detail and you are able to handle data precisely and consciously.
  • You are a highly trusted and reliable member of the WCA community and can responsibly handle access to the WCA database. Ideally, you are already a WCA employee or have a recommendation from one.
  • You have at least a basic understanding of what a (relational / SQL) database is.
  • Existing experience with SQL (MySQL) is beneficial, but not strictly mandatory.

As a WRT member you will work on the following regular tasks:

  • Verifying, uploading and publishing competition results.
  • Handling change requests to results or personal data.
  • Supporting WCA Delegates and WCA committees with data-related problems and requests.
  • Investigating inconsistencies in the WCA database.
  • Analyzing the WCA’s data to provide insights for other WCA staff members.
  • Managing and enforcing WCA’s Data Protection policies.
  • Handling requests from Registered Speedcubers and WCA Staff on Data Protection matters.

On average, the membership in the WRT requires approximately 5-6 hours per week. In particular, you should be ready to spend 30-60 minutes at least every second/third day on handling time-critical regular WRT work (e.g. result submissions).

In return, you gain a deeper insight into the structure of the WCA and the WCA database, and you will actively contribute to ensuring the integrity of the WCA’s competition results. The official rights and duties of the WRT as described in the Motions of the WCA can be found here.

If you are interested in joining the WCA Results Team, please send an application to WRT leader Sébastien Auroux ( The application should at least include a comprehensive description of yourself, showing why you would be a good addition to the WRT, and your motivation and goals for becoming a WRT member.

The application deadline is August 31st 2022 23:59 UTC. Following that date, the applications will be reviewed and discussed among the current WRT members and a decision will be made about 3-5 weeks after.

We are looking forward to your application!

Source:: worldcubeassociation