TNoodle Bugfix Release for macOS

There has just been a new bugfix release for TNoodle. With competitions slowly returning, several Delegates reported issues with TNoodle 1.1.0 crashing directly after launch on macOS versions „Big Sur“ and later.
We fixed this bug in TNoodle 1.1.1, along with a minor inconsistency in FMC cutout sheets. There is also a brand new Esperanto translation; please refer to GitHub for the full release notes.

In order to enable the affected Delegates to generate scrambles for their competitions, TNoodle 1.1.1 has been promoted immediately. However, please note that the scrambling routines have not changed, which means that scrambles which have already been generated with TNoodle 1.1.0 remain valid.

There will be a phase-out of roughly two weeks. You may continue to use TNoodle 1.1.0 up to and including Sunday, July 25. All scrambles for competitions ending after that date must be generated with TNoodle 1.1.1.

Please remember that the latest version of the scramble program is always available at

Stay safe,
– Gregor on behalf of the WST

Source:: worldcubeassociation