Amendments to the Motions Approved (September 2020)

Dear WCA Community,

After recent voting by WCA Staff Members, the proposed amendments to the Motions have been approved by a good majority. The amendment of the Motions followed Motion 13.2019.1 now called Motion 13.2020.1: Amendments of Bylaws and Motions and a summary of the included changes has been compiled below:

Motion 04.2020.1 – Board of Directors – Change WCA Staff to Voting Members.
Motion 07.2020.1 – Registered Speedcubers – Changes to match Bylaws regarding resignation of membership and current practices regarding anonymization.
Motion 08.2020.1 – Delegates – Add requirement for knowledge of WCA Policies
Motion 08.2020.2 – Trainee Delegates – Add requirement for knowledge of WCA Policies and reword tasks which they cannot do alone.
Motion 09.2020.1 – Senior Delegates – Add required approval from the Board to certain points to match current practices and clarification of regions without seniors.
Motion 10.2020.0 – Committees and Teams – Clarification regarding teams without leaders. Minor grammatical fix
Motion 10.2020.4 – Regulation Committee – Transfer of tasks which are normally handled by WQAC to the Quality Assurance Motion
Motion 10.2020.5 – Financial Committee – Add collection of dues as a responsibility of the WFC
Motion 10.2020.6 – Data Protection Committee – Minor grammatical fix
Motion 10.2020.7 – Ethics Committee – Add Registered Speedcubers as persons who must cooperate with investigations by the WEC
Motion 13.2020.1 – Amendments of Motions – Remove mention of the Bylaws to avoid contradiction with the process already outlined in the Bylaws
Motion 14.2020.1 – Amendment of Regulations – Remove arbitrary 2 week period from announcement that Regulations come into effect
Motion 16.2020.1 – Disputes – Change some “must” to “should” to match current practices
Motion 20.2020.0 – Councils – Change of submitting a message to submitting a resignation and clarification of councils without a leader

Source:: worldcubeassociation